Strong and Authentic

The transformation of a flat piece of precious metal into a wavy organic form using a hammer and a cartridge is an art of anti-climatic raising. Wild, dynamic and strong. The characteristics of the metal are (gradually) changed. It’s an alchemy of design because every metal requires my respect and determination. The objects from the Vulkana collection are made of one piece, usually thinner rolled silver plates, because it has a high degree of resistance, which allows me to create relatively large and light objects.The forging techniques I use also require developing and changing tools according to needs, so my work is not about the design of jewelry, but also about the design and preparation of a suitable tool.


Deep in the forest and high in the mountains the precious stones are born with their unique Ray of light. The rays give the designs their rich and bold colours. Clean lines of Meru collection are the synonym of simplicity and pureness – as an author, I want the items of Meru collection to speak to the senses and tell a story connected to nature.


Objects, intertwined in square structures, plaited by nature motifs, lead you through the frame to the other side, into the dimensions of fairytale and real world. Passages lead you through the frame to the other side, into the dimensions of fairytale and real world, intertwined in square structures plaited by nature motifs. They speak of symbiosis, harmony, interconnection between nature and a man, thus evoking sensations, with which they strive to draw us closer to the understanding of their interconnection with the bigger picture and vice versa. The frame is the narrator of wisdom, who emphasises the moral of the chosen story and leads the beholder into their world.

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